Our team

Since 2006 we have been helping associations, charities and small business with databases and web design.

Our vision is to digitize your association or charity so you can save time and money allowing you to focus on increasing member value for your members.

Charities can run a lean digital website with CRA compliant charitable receipts and focus on fundraising.

For businesses we look to deliver a great looking web design which will be found and drive leads through SEO.

Our mission is to make technology work for you and not be something which gives you a headache.

Above all we are a team of web experts who love what we do.


The team for not-for-profits who want to digitize their membership and payments

president of ottawa database company

Remi Goc, Vision Enabler

15+ years in web and data - I am around to ensure things move forward within a vision. And that is to continue developing a platform which eliminates repetitive tasks and frees up time for people. Consultation is also something I take on most of the time along with janitorial duties and anything else thrown my way. I've been around since web design was done in tables and Netscape was a thing. I run my personal site over at www.remigoc.com

php developer

Derek Reid, Functionality Maker

10+ years in programming - First things first, Derek loves his cats. Many cats. Secondly, he likes code and uses it to save people time in their day to day activities. His cup of tea is PHP and MySQL and whatever else is required to get the job done. He aims for simplicity. Derek also comes from a time where tables ruled the www and uppercase HTML markup reigned supreme.

business development

Luc Moore, Experience Builder

Avid windsurfer and rock climber. Luc was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident that changed his life. As a result of this experience, he co-founded Health Locator and is now helping us build a better experience for our products and strengthening relationships.

branding and logo design in ottawa

Kari Lebeau, Branding Genius

10+ years in branding design - Kari has been our logo and branding guru for over 10 years. She is great at converting the needs of a project into a strong logo, letterhead, branding guide, etc.

ottawa web design

Stephane Trottier, Creativity Enabler

10+ years in web design - Stephane understands small and medium sized businesses - so he is our lead on any SME project. He'll guide a client through all the steps from web design inception to getting their website up and running. And afterwards manage any optional SEO project. All SME work is done under FullView Design.

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