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We're a collection of website design Ottawa experts who create optimized experiences that make you go from to

You are starting from scratch and have no idea how to proceed - or you have a website with a "web guy" and its tough to see how your website helps you. It causes you constant frustration and stress - like when it got hacked and your web designer was no where to be found.

You get a clear web strategy, a fantastic looking website design, everything is organized and visitor satisfaction grows exponentially. Everything is working with purpose and you can focus on your goals.

Start your web journey through a commitment free consultation.

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Our Website Design Process

You have the vision, we have the experience, let our web team guide you through the complex world of getting your awesome website up and running.

Our promise is simple - we will create a strategy and implement a wicked website design for you.

You will be supported every step of the way - throughout the process you will work with a dedicated project manager who will be responsible to make the process as simple as possible for you.

When you choose to work with our website design Ottawa team expect the following steps:

Consultation: Whether in-person, by phone or via e-mail, the initial step is to determine what the website has to do for you. Typically kept to a higher level this initial step provides us with a good understanding of your objectives.

Needs Analysis: A document which every client must complete, our web design analysis document captures everything from your organizational branding, to your competition and visual preferences. It becomes one of the blueprint items for how the project will proceed.

Website Architecture: Essentially the pages your website will have.

Wireframing: Development of black and white wireframes which serve to illustrate where content will be positioned within the web design.

Website design: One of our web designers takes all consultation information, analysis information, website architecture and wireframes and develops a website concept which will meet all of your objectives and satisfy your users' expectations.

Going Mobile, Responsive Web Design: The strongest growing segment of your audience are those using mobile devices. We ensure that your website will meet their expectations and allow them to easily find the most relevant content in an experience tailored for mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide website design in Ottawa, Ontario. Since 2020 we have pivoted to doing all our consultations/work virtually so we are able to meet you wherever you are.

The typical custom web design turn around is two weeks for SME's and three to four weeks for not-for-profit organizations. However, under special circumstances it can be ready the same day, a day or two weeks. It depends on the complexity of your project. The one thing we will do is give you a timeframe to expect.

Yes. Mobile friendly or "responsive" is an essential component of any website design. There are no additional fees or change to the timeline for us to ensure your web design is responsive.

Depends. Not everyone has to adhere to AODA. There are certain trade-offs which come with meeting AODA compliance that a SME for example isn't bound by. Having said that, even if you are not bound by AODA guidelines it is not a bad idea to make your website as accessible as possible.