Creative Services

How you present yourself is pretty important to someone who is looking at your collateral for the first time. It makes that first impression, that sense that you care enough about what you do that you want to be seen in the proper light. It's not about ego or deception, it is about confidence.

Our creative is a full gamut of services which includes logo + branding standards, web design, user interface (UI) design and other collateral design such as brochures.

Website Design

There are lots of options on how to make your website look good, what we offer is a thorough process to ensure you end up with a unique look that doesn't come from a template. Our team works with you to identify the critical items of your project and ensure that your design corresponds to your end goals. It's a very thorough process which in the end yields a design that is optimized in addition to looking good.

Web design - tell me more!

CASE STUDY: Lac Saint-Sixte

A 450 acre gated cottage community on the outskirts of the Ottawa area, the community needed a new website to promote it's activities and lot availabilities. Ignite put together a new web design which focused on the visuals so that prospective buyers could get a sense of the beauty of the community. Along with a new website design Ignite also provided the client with a database/CMS system and applied marketing best practices throughout the project - so much so that even without an active web marketing campaign the site is a top 10 ranked site for its respective key phrases.

Cool - let me see it!