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Database design is probably the most crucial part to get right in order to ensure a successful project. It deals with details to the granular level and most often quite technical.

The risk of getting something wrong at the design stage could mean huge delays or unexpected costs.

So we make it easy for our clients - through our database consultation process you give us the high level business requirements and we translate them into a design which will meet your goals.

Get a 1 hour commitment free consultation about your project.
If you don't like what we have to say, you can walk away risk free.

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The design we put together for your database will be setup in a fashion where it can grow and accommodate change - because nothing ever stays the same!

As part of the design stage we will also look to map out the data transformation which needs to happen from any existing databases. Not only boring but also technical.

While we try to understand your needs and focus on the technical part of your database project we do have an approval process where you will get the ultimate say in your database design before anything goes into production. Fully explained in plain english not geek.

Once designed your database needs to be built:


Or learn about our cloud based database:

Sounds groovy - sparkTM

CASE STUDY: Web Design

A 450 acre gated cottage community on the outskirts of the Ottawa area, the community needed a new website to promote it's activities and lot availabilities. Ignite put together a new web design which focused on the visuals so that prospective buyers could get a sense of the beauty of the community. Along with a new website design Ignite also provided the client with a database/CMS system and applied marketing best practices throughout the project - so much so that even without an active web marketing campaign the site is a top 10 ranked site for its respective key phrases.

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