Databases - we love 'em. So will you.

Nowadays pretty much everything has a database behind it - even if you don't know it!

Wordpress - yep. CRM's - yep. The app on your phone - most likely.

When it comes to databases a little goes a long way - there is nothing worse than a poorly designed database - it will eat up your budget, make upgrades difficult and make interaction slower than it has to be.

Not to mention making everyone frustrated and dislike database even more.

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Our expertise around databases is in the deployment and maintenance of MySQL - this database will handle most of the requirements that a charity, small business, association or most other organizations shall require.

With careful attention to detail and a great database design - which we can provide for you - we implement your database and put it under rigorous testing to ensure it performs at peak performance.

Our services can be used to design a database at the planning stage of your project, or we can perform an audit on an existing web database to ensure smooth operation and an optimized database environment.

Our database support services do not require us to be on-site as we can perform remote database administration from just about anywhere, remote database administration is typically performed from our Ottawa location.

Before building your database we should really have a great database design for it:


You could also leverage our cloud database system:

Much wow - sparkTM