Database Designers Ottawa

Do I even need a database? Nowadays pretty much everything has a database behind it - even if you don't know it! Wordpress - yep. CRM's - yep.

When it comes to databases a little goes a long way - there is nothing worse than a poorly designed database - it will eat up your maintenance budget, make upgrades difficult and make interaction slower than it has to be.

Our services include:

Database Design: Is the process of understanding what data you need to capture, how you intend to use it and then mapping out fields, tables and relationships.

Database Development: Is the process of building the database, along with the creation of tables, relationships, indexes and other optimizations are also performed.

Administration: Our service means you do not need to keep a dedicated database developer on-site. When a change is needed or an issue is experienced we can simply log into the database server remotely and perform any required actions.

Database Migrations: Is the process of moving your data over from one database to another, this process shall typically require the development of migration scripts which will remap your data (to make it more efficient) and massage it if neccessary.

Our expertise around databases is in the deployment and maintenance of MySQL databases - this RDBMS will handle most of the requirements that a charity, small business, association or most other organizations shall require.

Our services can be used to design a database at the planning stage of your project, or we can perform an audit on an existing web database to ensure smooth operation and an optimized database environment.

Our database support services do not require us to be on-site as we can perform remote database administration from just about anywhere, remote database administration is typically performed from our Ottawa location.

CASE STUDY: Lac Saint-Sixte

A 450 acre gated cottage community on the outskirts of the Ottawa area, the community needed a new website to promote it's activities and lot availabilities. Ignite put together a new web design which focused on the visuals so that prospective buyers could get a sense of the beauty of the community. Along with a new website design Ignite also provided the client with a database/CMS system and applied marketing best practices throughout the project - so much so that even without an active web marketing campaign the site is a top 10 ranked site for its respective key phrases.

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