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A database system which doesn't suck

sparkTM is a web-based information management software which enables you to manage your data from any Internet connected computer - no installation required. If you can compose an e-mail, then you can use sparkTM. A few instances where sparkTM would be deployed include:

  • An information portal serving content to public or private users, or both
  • A fundraising system which facilitates on-line donations or pledges
  • A portal where users can pay for membership and existing members can renew, along with self-management tools

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While there are many technical benefits, the benefits that matter most to our clients include:

1. Information Management: sparkTM has been designed to automate many technical details so your staff only have to worry about managing the most relevant data.

2. Value of Data: sparkTM not only stores your information securely but it does so in a fashion where a multitude of reports and exports can be performed. Need to generate envelopes for members in good standing who have a mailing address in Ontario? No problem. Want to see a list of a certain membership type who have purchased product A from your store? Consider it done.

3. Keeping it Simple: We do not like lengthy and complex forms, so we work with you to make your registration requirement as simple as possible while allowing your users to self-administer their information.

All our modules come with a user manual and we are here to support you by e-mail and phone.