Databases simplified.

sparkTM is a cloud-based database platform which enables you to manage your data from any Internet connected computer through any browser.

If you can compose an e-mail, then you can use sparkTM.

Beginners fear not, we'll support you in every possible way until you become a power user admin rockstar.

You will no longer be limited in your options because our platform will empower you to achieve your vision.

You'll also no longer want to kick your computer because it's doing the opposite of what you want.

Our database platform can be deployed as a standalone or part of an integrated strategy where the integrity and meaning of data matter.

It can also be deployed in about 5 minutes. And database structures created, modified, removed after a quick introduction.

Speaking of removing stuff, we do daily backups of your data.

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While we could go on about features, details and technical benefits we thought we would summarize in 3 quick points of what you will be able to do:

1. Easily add/edit your data and database structures

2. Quickly find your data in a multitude of ways

3. Export/import your data and visualize summaries of your data

You'll also sleep well at night after we reassure you that our servers are located within Canada ensuring that your data storage complies with Canadian privacy laws.

And if you have a few minutes, check out some of the database projects which use our platform