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Ontario Association of Home Inspectors

OAHI retained us to implement a system which simplified information management, payment collection and updated the design of the website. A major part of the project was to migrate OAHI`s membership from an Access based system to a web based system with self-management tools while retaining much of the history.

Major parts of the project included:

Web Design: Planning of website architecture, wireframing and association website design

Membership Management: Implementation of a membership system which allows for multi-tiered pro-rated membership options connected to a financial system with Tax/General Ledger/Invoicing/Receipts and Reporting.

Content Management: Management of both public website content and members-only content. Discussion board and document sharing was also implemented.

Event Registrations: Implementation of a system which allows for the creation of events and individual registration forms for each event. Public and members-only pricing is supported and all financial and account information is synchronized.

Web Hosting: E-mail + web hosting on our dedicated association hosting platform.

About the Association

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is dedicated to enhancing the technical skills and professional practice of Home Inspectors, and maintaining high professional standards through education and discipline. To learn more visit