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sparkTM is a secure information management + e-commerce framework which powers associations and charities.

Content Management System

If you can compose an e-mail or use Word, then you can manage your own website using our Content Management System (CMS). Our CMS makes maintaining a website simple through its user-friendly interfaces - we're not fans of complex software either - and automated processes such as SEO best practices, content versioning and simple media embedding.

Our CMS provides you with the following functionality:

  • Secure administrative panel with connection restrictions
  • Granular administrative user permission settings
  • File upload manager
  • Integration with Youtube for video sharing
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple web site support – allows for the maintenance of more than one web site
  • Virtual directory structures
  • WYSIWYG editor – allows for editing of content through a Word-like interface
  • Public and secure website options with multiple group support
  • Multiple template support
  • Page archiving and preview functionality
  • Automatic RSS feeds
  • Supports visitor participation such as discussion and voting
  • Search engine friendly links – benefits both human visitors and search engines
  • Built in local search engine
  • Automatic XML sitemap generation
  • Interaction with other spark modules
  • Training – because it always helps to have someone show you around

To learn more please contact us to schedule a demonstration.