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sparkTM is a secure information management + e-commerce framework which powers associations and charities.

News + Blog

Our News + Blog module allows you to easily manage an unlimited collection of articles which your audience can locate in a variety of ways. Articles can be published to the general public or to a specialty group within the system which will require a user to have the proper credentials.

The News + Blog module features include:

  • WYSIWYG editor and media embedding
  • Integration with Youtube for video sharing
  • Publish right away or set custom publish dates
  • Keyword tagging
  • Multiple author support
  • Automatic XML site map inclusion
  • Really Simple Syndication ('RSS') feed generation
  • Automatically push articles to Facebook and Twitter
  • Optional discussion board per article
  • Optional Podcasting support

Our hybrid system allows the News + Blog module to act as a one way street where articles are published for general consumption or they can be driven by a blog style scenario where commenting on articles is allowed.

To learn more please contact us to schedule a demonstration.