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sparkTM is a secure information management + e-commerce framework which powers associations and charities.

Newsletter Management

If you can compose a Word document then you can create an e-mail in our Newsletter module. With the module handling the look and feel, to ensure a consistent branding across the newsletter and website, all your not-for-profit has to do is add articles into an issue and the module will take care of the rest.

Features of the Newsletter module include:

  • Unlimited number of issues and articles within an issue
  • Automated index in each issue
  • Articles are HTML rich and can include media
  • Publish through both your website and e-mail list at the same time, without additional effort
  • Website version of Newsletters is published in an SEO friendly manner, or it can be members-only
  • Integration with Constant Contact and Mailchimp, with Mailchimp also receiving campaign statistics in your administration panel
  • Customizable templates for your campaigns

To learn more please contact us to schedule a demonstration.