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Ottawa Web Design

Web design in Ottawa for AssociationsOur proprietary website design process analyzes your project objectives and adds a dash of spontaneous creative talent to produce a web design which simplifies usability and enhances your users' experience. Our design process is very hands-on and includes the following major components:

1. Consultation: Whether in-person, by phone or via e-mail, the initial step is to determine what the website has to do for you. Typically kept to a higher level this initial step provides us with a good understanding of your objectives.

2. Needs Analysis: A document which every client must complete, our web design analysis document captures everything from your organizational branding, to your competition and visual preferences.

3. Website Architecture: Definition of your content organization which will serve as the initial website framework for the design and first build.

4. Wireframing: Development of black and white wireframes which serve to illustrate where the content will be positioned..

5. Website design: One of our web designers takes all consultation information, analysis information, website architecture and wireframes and develops a website concept which will meet all of your objectives and satisfy your users' expectations.

6. Going Mobile, Responsive or Adaptive: The strongest growing segment of your audience are those using mobile devices. We ensure that your website will meet their expectations and allow them to easily find the most relevant content in an experience tailored for mobile devices.

Creating an effective website design is more than just throwing together images, font styles and wording. Each website is a user interface and each element must have a purpose - as such our designers are experts in designing for the web. Simply put, we deliver web designs that work out of our quaint Ottawa offices.

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