Make everyone jealous with a new logo

You find yourself awake at night about an idea you can't let go. Then you commit to moving ahead with that idea - awesome!

Now it's time to get a logo in place which not only reflects on what you do but gives you that initial branding piece to kick off your marketing.

Your logo will be applied to business cards, letterhead, website, vehicles and other visual collateral - so it has to be done correctly. And you are in good hands when you use us for the design of your logo.

We follow a strict design process to take your ideas + wants and converts them into a logo which will act as the centerpiece of your branding.

The logo design process has a few major phases: requirements gathering, creative feedback, design and revisions.

Our process also ensures that we aren't spinning our wheels like a hamster as the process defines all parameters of your vision up fronnt - you talk, we listen and take notes!

Having us help with your logo design is done either in-person or electronically. So those who prefer face-to-face meetings our logo design is done right out of our Ottawa office - so sitting down with out designer is never an issue.

READY? Have us call you back

Chatting to us about your logo design project doesn't cost anything and there are no commitments - if you don't like what we have to say, no problem!