Association Database Software

Let's put you in full control of your database so that you can focus on productive projects and member value.

MembersVillageTM is the data tool to help you transform into a fully digital association which you can manage remotely.

All your association data in one database saving you time and frustration of manual management. Built-in membership renewals, forms, members portal and more through a single software saving you money and frustration of having to depend on a developer for integration.

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Association database software making it easy to manage members

The Story

Taisha and Jakob manage an association....

  • They desperately want to optimize how the association functions
  • They are overwhelmed in spreadsheets with an abundance of data
  • They are dealing with many expensive products that haven't fully delivered as promised
  • They are maintaining a WordPress site which has been hacked
  • They perform manual processes which they know could be automated
  • They depend on a expensive developer who doesn't really deliver what was promised
  • They have to manage a lot of paperwork and always be on-site

Taisha and Jakob discover....

Software for association data and member management

Fully Featured

All features are included in one platform eliminating the frustration of integration and saving money.


With its easy-to-use database their data was cleaned up and they were able to stop relying on spreadsheets.

Secure + Privacy Compliant

They were able to sleep at night knowing all their data is safe and compliant with Canadian privacy laws like CASL.

Seamless Processes

They are able to easily transition between activities such as going from content management to sending an e-mail broadcast to a specific member target audience.


They are digitally agile - making use of Forms which allow electronic submissions. They can manage their association from anywhere which has an Internet connection.

Always Supported

With friendly support, they were never left stranded or wondering how to achieve their goals.

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