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Managing an association is challenging when your team collaboration is fragmented and all your member data and processes are spread across spreadsheets, emails, specialty services and a developer who never seems to be around. You spend all your time managing things manually and are never sure if your data is up to date.

When using MembersVillageTM your data will be neatly organized, always up to date and easy to find. Your team will be able to access your associations data at anytime from anywhere and your members will have self-management tools freeing up your time.

Ideal for associations with 2,500 members or less City Builder can be deployed and your data populated in under a week. Just $349/month (when paid yearly), see more about that below

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Ready for a (better) association mamagement system?

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Just $349/month (when paid yearly)

You'll have more time to serve your members and build value instead of chasing down data, payments or making data changes on behalf of members. MembersVillageTM will simplify your association management and enable your members to manage their own data.

Some of the features you can expect with City Builder:

Simple to use database, up to 2,500 user profiles and 5 administrators

Accept membership payments through your preferred payment gateway

E-mail broadcasting - up to 5,000 e-mails a month

A personalized walkthrough and training session

Access to our training videos

Platform support - always free for issues/questions around core functionality

Cloud hosted - we take care of hosting + real-time backups of your data

Hosted within Canada - ensuring compliance with privacy laws

Integrates with your current website through our secure API

Can support up to 3 vanity domains - allows you to host 3 websites

Personalized review/strategy session every 6 months

20GB of cloud storage for data + files

Association Data On-boarding

City Builder comes with a "we do it" process - you provide us with the details and kick back while we set everything up. The database, e-commerce and data migration is all taken care of. When everything is ready you give us the green light to launch.

The on-boarding starts at $2,500 and it can vary depending on the amount and complexity of data.

The subscription for Village Builder is $395/month and if paid yearly it is discounted to $349/month.

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