Customer Relationship Management

Manage your member and customer data easily.

Powerful CRM database tools which put you in full control. Self-service tools for your members allowing them to update their own data reducing your management time.

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CRM - customer and member database

We designed the MembersVillageTM CRM to be as simple as possible. Why? We too have experienced poor software and don't think anyone should have to experience frustration.

Deployment takes a few minutes and we provide you with personalized training and a best-practices session to ensure you become a data superstar.

CRM Highlights

Here are 4 key features which will save you time and money:

Full Control

Ability to change the CRM structure on your own. No need to depend on a developer.

Excel Integration

Easily export your data into Excel. Our step-by-step Import feature will also import your Excel data.

Filter Stacking

Search your data any which way you wish. Create your own filtering settings as you see fit.

Feature Stacking

Ability to seamlessly use CRM data in additional tasks such as generation of invoices or e-mail broadcasts.