Tools For Your Members

Member Portal

MembersVillageTM isn't just for association teams.

Most teams spend too much time and money on performing basic member data updates.

MembersVillageTM gives your members a secure portal through which they can manage their own data. The portal allows members to keep their information up to date and provides them with a full transaction history, freeing up your time to focus on productive projects.

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Secure Member Portal Platform

MembersVillageTM isn't just a powerful member database for association teams. Use the Member Portal as the go-to place for members where they can manage their personal data, financial transactions, donation receipts, view submissions, host discussions and participate in peer-review activities.

Your team will be able to leverage the Member Portal right away and without additional fees.

Member Portal Highlights

Here are 4 key features of the Member Portal:


Member will have control of their personal data, accessible to them at their convenience.


Access to invoices and receipts is available at any time - no more having to chase down receipts for a members year end.


Member will have full access to all of their form submissions and ability to edit those which are not yet locked.


Access to secure groups which will host discussions, private events and secure documents.