Member Portal For Payments and Data Management

The secure portal for associations who want members to manage their own data

MembersVillageTM isn't just for associations - it makes the members' life simpler too!

Many organizations spend too much time on performing basic member data updates. Acceptable for 1998 - but today technology should be working for you.

MembersVillageTM enables your members to manage their own data through a secure portal, at any time and from any place. The portal allows members to keep their information up to date, provides them with a payment history (both individual and batch payments) and they are always made aware of what's new. Freeing up your time to focus on building more value for your association.

Your association will be able to leverage the Member Portal right away and without additional fees.

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Member Portal for Batch Membership Payments

Secure Portal For Batch Membership Payments

MembersVillageTM is ready to help you offload more complex tasks such as batch membership renewals - right out of the box!

Your members will be able to add, edit and delete members of their batch renewals and process those membership payments without you having to lift a finger.

Batch membership renewals are designed to keep all your data standardized - if a member changes their personal data it is updated throughout without any additional work for you.

Best of all, batch member payments are included - no extra fees or having to wait on a developer!

Member Portal Highlights

Here are 4 key features of the Member Portal:


Member will have control of their personal data, accessible to them at any time.


Access to invoices and receipts - no more having to chase down receipts for a members' year end.


Member will have full access to all of their form submissions whether it is an abstract or other type.


Access to secure groups which facilitate discussions, private events and secure documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

MembersVillageTM was designed to be extremely flexible. By default a member will have access to change their personal information, such as name or address. Through technology magic that experience can be configured to either expand or reduce their management capability.

The portal comes included with MembersVillageTM and is fully usable right away. There are no additional fees to have this feature activated.

Of course they are. Batch member renewals are available out of the box and without additional fees.