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Trying to get a handle on your member data while it's in multiple sources is like trying to herd a stampede of raging turtles. It doesn't make any sense. You find yourself spending copious amounts of time manually managing member data and trying to reconcile memberhip payments. To make matters worse others within your organization have access yet no one has an idea of what is being used, or worse they keep their own sets of data. No one can ever get the full picture and your data is often incorrect.

When it's all consolidated into MembersVillageTM, your data will make sense and your member payment will be automated. Your team will be able to access the membership database from anywhere at any time. Your members will be able to help themselves by accessing their basic profile details and membership payment history without having ask for it from you. You end up saving time and be able to focus on adding member value instead of crying over your current spreadsheet nightmare.

And it won't take long to get there, as Village Builder features a one day setup. Just $95/month (when paid yearly), see more about that below

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Ready for a (better) membership database and simpler payments?

Get a 1 hour commitment free demo.

From just $95/month (when paid yearly)

Associations change for the better when transforming digitially using MembersVillageTM because your member data is centralized and your membership fee collection process is much simpler. You can focus on member value instead of working with a thousand different Excel spreadsheets.

Some of the features you can expect with Village Builder:

Simple to use database, up to 1,000 user profiles and 1 administrator

Accept membership payments through your preferred payment gateway

E-mail broadcasting - up to 1,000 e-mails a month

A personalized walkthrough and training session

Access to our training videos

Platform support - always free for issues/questions around core functionality

Cloud hosted - we take care of hosting + real-time backups of your data

Hosted within Canada - ensuring compliance with privacy laws

Integrates with your current website through our secure API

Can support up to 1 vanity domain - allows you to host 1 website

Yearly personalized review/strategy session

10GB of cloud storage for data + files

Member Database On-boarding

The first option for on-boarding is a DYI - we will create the database portal for you and then you are off to the races. We will provide you with a training video lesson covering the essentials in addition to our general training videos. There are no setup fees involed with this option.

The second option for your database on-boarding is a "we do it" process. We setup the database software and walk through all of the configuration with you to ensure everything is just right. And when everything is good, we import your final member data into your new database. The on-boarding cost is $1,500.

The subscription for Village Builder is $125/month and if paid yearly it is discounted to $95/month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For member payment processing we offer no-cost integration options with Elavon, WorldLine, iATS, Moneris, Global Payment,, Square, Stripe, Paypal and Braintree.

Absolutely! If you have an existing website you can integrate our membership database through our API. It's plenty secure and will provide you with the basic functionality to authenticate, add, edit and delete users. Financial reports and other details will be available to your through our secure portal.

Yup. During the on-boarding process we will setup a vanity URL of your choice, so for example, you could use a subdomain such as:

Oh yeah! Our data cloud is fully located within Canada so you are good. Just so that you can sleep better also know that all data is backed up in real-time, classy!