Ottawa New Home Sales Database

Data - easy to collect, hard to present in an intuitive and easy to digest way.

PMA Brethour needed to input a tonne of data from many vendors and trust that what got displayed was accurate and provided value for their clients.

We saw their existing system, filled with bad database designs and patchy code to "just make things work". That's not right.

Our proposal was to start fresh and leverage our database platform to build a product which allowed PMA Brethour to grow, stay within budget and adjust to business requirements as they come up.

PMA Brethour now has the tools and platform to maintain their data and carry our their business strategy while our focus is continous improvement of the platform to ensure improved value.

The new home market data is stored within our platforms' data fortress which complies with Canadian privacy laws.

Feel free to check out the project online: (subscription needed)

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