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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO (see, is the process of organizing and editing website content and other parameters to increase its relevance to search engines such as Google. Our SEO efforts focus on Organic SEO - a process which will yield quality long term results over short term temporary gains. Our SEO process consists of:

SEO Audit: Using a combination process of automated and manual tasks we examine your website, link strategy, content accessibility, content value, keyword competition and website traffic and how they all correlate to your expectations.

Roadmap: Once an audit is complete we present you with a list of opportunities on what to improve.

Implementation: Once you ask us to take on your SEO project, we then clearly define the high and low priority items and put a plan into place which will drive the process forward.

Reporting: We virtually meet once a month to go over what was done and to go over the measured results.

SEO should not be looked at as a one-time activity, for best results it should be maintained as an on-going activity because your competitors will take notice and start their own SEO activities.

The benefits we look to deliver to you is not only to increase volume of users coming to your website but also ensure that your content is relevant to those who show up at your doorstep.

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What SEO is and what SEO isn't

Search Engine Optimization is a paid-for service which enhances your chance of being found through search engines, it is not a guarantee.

Most search traffic flows through Google, you do not have to pay to be found on Google or to be included in the Google index, and most other search engines will also provide a submission service for free. Beware of anyone charging "search engine insertion" fees.

Any companies' promise of guaranteed results should be taken with a grain of salt, as no one can actually guarantee results - only to increase your chance of being displayed higher in the SERP.

For example, we would love to be found for Ottawa SEO all the time but we know it's not a reality since the landscape always shifts. So we continually adapt our process.

Our SEO service can also be combined with our PPC marketing service to enhance your visibility and quality lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization in Ottawa and Toronto Canada

Free SEO Analysis

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Our Team

Remi Goc

Team Lead

My role is to be a point of contact for our clients, scope requirements and perform architecture duties, I also dabble with databases.

Derek Reid

Developer Lead

My role is to guide the development of spark and provide development support for any specialty requests our clients may have.

Kari Lebeau

Creative Lead

My role is to scope all visual requirements, formulate a plan of action and execute design, whether for the web or print.

Jason White


My role is to be there for you whenever you don't want to manage the content yourself. The web guy on demand to maintain your content.

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