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Our bespoke SEO service is an individualised SEO solution that takes into consideration the unique needs and circumstances of your business. By assessing and understanding what your business is about and what your goals are, we can provide you a tailored service that will enhance your online marketing. Simply put our bespoke search engine optimization service doesn't fit you into a predefined plan among dozens of others - we are very careful and deliberate in our optimizations for you.

Our bespoke SEO process will improve the quality and visibility of your website now and also provide a foundation for future search engine algorithm changes and updates. There are a number of factors you need to consider when going through a search optimization process, algorithm changes are one but you also have to factor in your competition and how they will adapt to your improvements - stay ahead of them as well!

But it's so simple my neighbours teenager can do it for me, right? Our bespoke SEO service addresses many elements such as keyword research, quality copywriting, landing page design, trend analysis and analytics interpretation - it's a collaborative process along several specialities.

If you would like to get started on receiving a bespoke SEO service with long lasting results for your brand and business, contact us today via our online contact form, or call our toll free number by dialling 1-888-600-3230.

Our team of Bespoke SEO specialists

Ignite has been helping companies in Toronto and the rest of Canada attain the level of long term online visibility and search engine ranking they need. Your industry could be services for seniors, real estate, construction, etc.... our process applies to them all.

Our team is also made up of several key members who focus on a specifc portion of your project. We'd love to say that one person can handle it all but search optimization takes research, strategy and implementation and is best left to a master of each trade.

While most of the time you will be speaking to a dedicated project manager, our SEO team consists of:

CASE STUDY: Web Design

A 450 acre gated cottage community on the outskirts of the Ottawa area, the community needed a new website to promote it's activities and lot availabilities. Ignite put together a new web design which focused on the visuals so that prospective buyers could get a sense of the beauty of the community. Along with a new website design Ignite also provided the client with a database/CMS system and applied marketing best practices throughout the project - so much so that even without an active web marketing campaign the site is a top 10 ranked site for its respective key phrases.

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