Instant deployment with mobile friendly website.
Manage players, coaches + umpires.
Real-time game scheduling, results + standings.
E-commerce registration + store built-in.

Our sports database platform is used by

Benefits of Powerhouse for your organization

softball used by Softball Canada
1. Sport Specifc

Specifically built for softball organizations Powerhouse has been developed in collaboration with Softball Canada and organizations on various levels of the sport.

database for softball organizations
2. Dynamic Database

We have put together an industry leading softball specific database - deployment is instant. And you can customize it at any time.

cloud based softball system
3. Cloud based

No need to install anything - ever. As long as you have a browser and an Internet connection you are ready to manage your data.

data sharing
4. Data sharing

The first to deploy a node based database for softball which makes data collaboration possible and has been developed in conjunction with and approved by Softball Canada.

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CASE STUDY: Softball Canada

Our relationship with Softball Canada started in a small way and then grew from there until a Eureka moment. With the invaluable input from organizations on all levels of the sport and Gilles and Angela from national we really did end up with a product which we see as a powerhouse for softball orgnizations big and small.

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What Powerhouse can do for you

Online registrations
1. Registrations + E-commerce

Simplify your registration process by utilizing our streamlined e-commerce flow, a flow which is engineered to reduce the number of steps a registrant has to perform.

CRM for sports
2. CRM

Make managing your players, umpires, coaches and support staff as simple as possible. Work within a structure which has been refined with input from all levels of softball organizations.

Dynamic Web Database
3. Database Flexibility

Changing your database structure no longer requires a developer - you control your data format and can change it on the fly.

Simple administrative tools
4. Exporting/Importing

Need to export/import large sets of data? Export your data sets into Excel, change your data and synchronize it back with the system.

Content Management System
5. Content Management

Manage your content easily whether it's pages, news or events. Our tools have been designed to make management as simple as possible because you have better things to do.

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About Powerhouse

Powerhouse has been developed with input from Softball Canada, Softball Saskatchewan, Softball Manitoba, SASA and SMSL and is now on its second iteration. All we did is see things from the outside and connected the dots of how a system could work for all levels of the sport.

We are grateful for all the time people have provided and their dedication to making management of the sport easier for all other organizations who wish to use Powerhouse.

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