Powerhouse is:
Softball database system for all levels of the sport (there are 4)
Streamlined management suite for operations of those levels
Targetted at the organizations of each level at this time

Why we created Powerhouse (the opportunity as we saw it)

softball used by Softball Canada
1. Fragmentation

In terms of opersations each level of the sport operates without considering the other, our software standardizes processes allowing the volunteers to focus on the game not learning mutliple softwares.

database for softball organizations
2. Entrenchment

Powerhouse allows us to entrench our solution and keep it in place even though volunteers turn over. The cost of disconnection from the sports hub greatly outweighs the benefit.

cloud based softball system
3. Hub

As a full suite we are not focusing on a specific activity of the organization, it's all built in and interconnected. The feedback we have gotten from not-for-profits is that they don't want to deal with multiple tools to acoomplish simple tasks.

data sharing
4. Cheap

Our base code called 'spark' has been built with a decade of feedback from associations - we saw it as an opportunity of little development time to have a product which would address many needs. And give us another potential revenue stream.


Thanks for making me learn about the cost of acquisition and customer life value (at least this is what the material called them)

I should be clear that when I said there was a lot of handholding it was in relation to getting organizations to communicate needs/wants in what I would call research with the clients - they were already clients on a service model so we were getting paid anyway. This will not be the scenario when Powerhouse is active. I won't be spending a week onboarding a client, it'll be done in 30 seconds through an automated process. I am also in the process of creating training videos which we will provide to clients after their initial 2 hour training session.

Financials - I know you like numbers

Online registrations
1. CAC

I have no metrics to calculate this on as we have spent $0 - only time. I imagine this figure would be more accurate once there is a marketing process defined and active.

CRM for sports
2. CLV - National

$30,000 over 10 years - excluding any value add ons

Dynamic Web Database
3. CLV - Per Province

$21,480 over 10 years - excluding any value add ons, there are 12 in Canada

Simple administrative tools
4. CLV - Per League

$11,880 over 10 years - excluding any value add ons, there are 550 in Canada

Content Management System
5. CLV - Per Team

$5,880 over 10 years - excluding any value add ons, we are unsure of the count

The $300K/year I used is one I thought could be achieved ideally, the total addressable market is about $680K/year without accounting for teams because we have no data.


1. The opportunity in terms of $ is too small
From my point of view it's way bigger than what we have now :) without any value added functionality and little effort on our side. It was always the intention to focus on the organizations to get their side of things optimized as this is what we have done for a decade - that could of course branch out to other elements.

2. The cost of on-boarding a client is too high
This drops significantly from the process that we have used when consulting with the different levels of the sport. Process becomes fully automated - the only thing we will do is have a training session and produce a video library for users. But during the signup process their site/portal is ready to go with all features.