League Member Management

The one thing about managing player and umpire information is that it can be time consuming - but not with Powerhouse. Using our built-in functionality you are ready to manage large amounts of information - instantly.

Powerhouse enables you to manage an unlimited amount of members which participate in your league. Another benefit of Powerhouse is those teams who also use our system will be able to push their player information to you with little effort as we have an integrated offering. The types of members you will be able to manage right out-of-the-box includes:

  1. Players - full profile of the player and their history
  2. Coaches - as the team manager Powerhouse allows them to record results of a game using our ad-hoc scoring system
  3. Umpires - manage which umpire attends which game and allows for time tracking when it comes to compensation

In addition to being able to take advantage of a database which is based on softball best practices and is available to you right away - you are able to add any new tables and fields which you wish to collect. Powerhouse will automatically update all search interfaces, views and export and import functionality to reflect your ideal structure. But information is just information until meaning is assigned to it - as such you will be able to run real-time summary reports will will quantify the data for you on pretty looking graphs and charts.

While Powerhouse looks to provide you with user friendly interfaces if you prefer the Excel approach that is possible as well - just export all your data, make changes as needed and then import back in. Powerhouse will enture the data integrity and you get to do things in the way which works best for you.

Try for 90 days without any commitment

Want to give Powerhouse a try? In under five minutes an instance of Powerhouse can be deployed for you with all the features enabled and without sales calls if you choose not to continue using our system - we're that confident once you see it you will stick around.

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