League Registration

Your time is valuable, whether it is to spend time interacting and growing your relationship with your members or just to spend time with your family - everyone looks to optimize their time to get as much done in as little time as possible.

Powerhouse is able to take manual process such as registration and automate them for you. Best of all the registration process is active at all hours of the day. With built-in registration functionality you will be able to:

  1. Create a pricing schema (pricing and taxation options)
  2. Create data collection based on purchase (each registration form can collect unique fields specific to that form)
  3. Optional ability to create a micro-site for an event
  4. Export formatted attendee lists which can be provided to organizers
  5. Export raw data in Excel format which can be formatted post-export

As a side benefit Powerhouse will also allow your visitors to register but defer a payment (think of a child filling out registration and forwarding the payment part to their parent) and issue branded receipts and invoices. Registrants will also be able to return to the system at any time to retrieve their payment history and print off any receipts.

Payments can happen through any of the major payment gateways whether that is Paypal, Moneris, Bambora or any other gateway of your choice. And you if are not sure of how to acquire a gateway account we are more than happy to assist.

Try for 90 days without any commitment

Want to give Powerhouse a try? In under five minutes an instance of Powerhouse can be deployed for you with all the features enabled and without sales calls if you choose not to continue using our system - we're that confident once you see it you will stick around.

Wicked - let's do this!

Collecting registrant data with Powerhouse is super simple - but what about the security of that data? All our servers are located in Canada in a managed hosting location so you can rest easy knowing that we comply with privacy regulations and provide a high level of performance.