League Schedules + Results

What do people really want? Results!

Powerhouse enables you to schedule out your entire season whether one by one or using and Excel import. Fill in the information any way you like and Powerhouse will take it from there..

As a league organizer you will have the flexibility to not only schedule your entire season but also create special events such as tournaments which will have their own schedule and team allocation. Powerhouse will enable you to organize all seasons and events in an manner which keeps the game details separate for management purposes.

Collecting results of a game can be done in one of two methods: assign a score keeper or allow the first coach of either game to submit a score. All data entry flows directly into Powerhouse and there is nothing the league has to do. After all, Powerhouse operates on the belief that your coaches are trustworthy - so we've made a process which allows for a secure result collection after a game.

Powerhouse also takes care of ensure that all schedule and result information is easily accessible to your website visitors in a manner which is intuitive, visually pleasing and searchable.

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Want to give Powerhouse a try? In under five minutes an instance of Powerhouse can be deployed for you with all the features enabled and without sales calls if you choose not to continue using our system - we're that confident once you see it you will stick around.

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As a minor benefit leagues will also have the advantage of managing their ballparks through Powerhouse which will be used during scheduling. Maintaining the inventory will allow a league to identify which ballparks are most frequently used and will allow website visitors to find all upcoming games at a particular ballpark.