Provincial E-commerce

E-commerce, the process of collecting on-line registrations or operating a web store, doesn't have to be time consuming or technologically scary.

Powerhouse can help you manage an unlimited number of sign-up and registration forms. Collect payment and any other relevant information about the registrant without being forced into a predefined template - you can add whatever fields you want at any time.

Whether you are looking to collect registrations for an event or training sessions Powerhouse will collect, organize and report the information collected back to you so that you spend less time organizing information on a spreadsheet and more time interacting with your members and building long term connections.

Powerhouse will also provide you with an on-line store in case you wish to sell virtual (webinars for example) or physical goods. The store will allow visitors to browse your inventory and use a check out process designed to complete a transaction as quickly as possible.

A quick overview of the value of the built-in e-commerce and registration functionality:

  1. Unified cart allowing visitor to add items across types (store, registration, donation, etc)
  2. Quick checkout process to minimize opportunity for abandonment
  3. Integration with various payment gateways such as Bambora, Moneris, Paypal, etc
  4. Automated and branded invoices + receipts with full history available to visitors

Try for 90 days without any commitment

Want to give Powerhouse a try? In under five minutes an instance of Powerhouse can be deployed for you with all the features enabled and without sales calls if you choose not to continue using our system - we're that confident once you see it you will stick around.

Awesome - let's do this!

Not only will Powerhouse make your e-commerce and registration processes more efficient but you can also rest easy knowing that the data collected is secure and stored on servers located within Canada.