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Design is a powerful word, it is much more than just making something look pretty. It is to understand your end goals and then map out all the elements to create a system which gives you the greatest chance of success.

For your association that may be making payment as simple as possible and collecting a lot of relational data about your membership.

For your charity that may be making the donations process as quick as possible.

For your business that may mean generating as many quality leads as possible.

Our design philosophy is to keep things simple on the outside while they are complex beneath. It's the same thing as going to a five star restaurant - you go to get some great food - not to be handed the recipe and cut up the ingredients yourself!

This is what we do everyday of our HQ in Ottawa. Our core web design team provides you with highly functional and visually exciting experiences which help your organization. All while speaking a language you will understand - we keep the tech speak to ourselves.

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Our Services

Responsive Web Design

Ensuring that your website works flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices. We use a field tested process which we have refined over time to ensure that the experience your viewer receives engages them and allows them to find the information which they seek.

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Webmaster Services

Need an on-demand webmaster to help out with the small stuff? No problem. Our webmaster service allows you to have all the resources of a dedicated web department without having to pay for one. Our dedicated webmaster turn around times are guaranteed.

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Database Development

Our database experts take your business requirement and develop an information management structure which addresses your immediate needs while leaving flexibility in the structure for future growth.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our digital marketing services will ensure that the website you've invested in is actually seen by the audience you highly prize. What our services do is create a strategy which focus on the ideal target market for you, then ensure your website + adwords campaigns pump out the appropriate hooks.

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PPC Marketing

Our pay per click service will enhance your marketing needs to specifically target your ideal customer and make efficient use of your marketing dollars.

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Our Web Design Work

Here you can find some of the most recent work we have been involved in.

Softball Canada

Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

Lac Saint-Sixte

Our Clients

We help clients in the association, charity and business sectors. Across a diverse requirements set we help client with simple "make us look better" requests to complex system which require dynamic database and e-commerce configurations. Here are a couple of the organizations we have helped.

Our Team

Remi Goc

Team Lead

My role is to be a point of contact for our clients, scope requirements and perform architecture duties, I also dabble with databases.

Derek Reid

Developer Lead

My role is to guide the development of spark and provide development support for any specialty requests our clients may have.

Kari Lebeau

Creative Lead

My role is to scope all visual requirements, formulate a plan of action and execute design, whether for the web or print.

Jason White


My role is to be there for you whenever you don't want to manage the content yourself. The web guy on demand to maintain your content.

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