Member Database Platform

You are an association, union or sports organization that deals with membership data and want technology to save time, money and allow your team to manage membership remotely.

MembersVillageTM is a member database, e-commerce and content platform - let's explore the possibilities with our offer of a free and no commitment chat.

Member Data Platform explanation
1. Member Database + Portal

A powerful and easy-to-use member database for you and a secure Member Portal for your members.

Membership Database Cloud environment
2. Cloud Environment

Available from anywhere at any time. Real-time data backups and automated updates.

Accept payments online
3. E-commerce

Simplify your member dues and event registrations by easily accepting payments on-line.

Data Privacy in Canada
4. Canadian Privacy Law Compliance

Our servers are located within Canada to ensure compliance with Canadian privacy laws.

Committment Free Consultation About MembersVillageTM

MembersVillage has all member data tools built-in
no-code database platform

Association Database Software And Member Portal Platform Explained In Under 2 Minutes

Before MembersVillage: Data is scattered, it requires a lot of manual effort. You depend on an expensive developer to manage your database. You can never get the full picture in one place, and your team has no data strategy - they are working overtime to make things happen. After MembersVillage: Everything is organized in one place, you can manage your data on your own, from anywhere. Your database strategy is clear. You're excited to develop more value for your members. You are well supported and empowered - calm sets in.

Enough talk - let's watch!

Ottawa Web Design

Whether you are an association, charity or small business we provide custom web and logo design to ensure you look real good! Our creative team will ensure your experience and results are both top notch. Some of the services we provide are:

Ottawa Web Design
1. Web Design

Make your data management life simple, powerful tools to help you become a database pro. Learn more about our web design services

Logo Design
2. Logo Design

Need a new or updated logo. No problem! We can create something your competitors will be jealous of. Learn more about our logo design services

3. Webmaster Services

Looking to have someone help you with general website needs? Our webmaster can help update your content and manage your website. Learn more about our webmaster services

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Got a great website? Without people being able to find it, it won't help you much. We ensure people in need of your services can find you. Learn more about our SEO services

Ottawa web design and logos samples

PROJECT: Canadian Plane Trade

Canada's Aviation Marketplace is the easiest, fastest way to search, buy and sell aircraft and aviation-related items. Canadian Plane Trade is now powered by our Marketplace software and providing sellers and buyers with a community to connect through.

Wicked - let's fly!